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Lulu Kitchen

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to Lulu Kitchen, where exquisite cuisine is paired with an exceptional service and eclectic ambiance!  Helmed by award-winning Chef Scott A Hastings, Lulu focuses on sourcing the highest quality fresh ingredients and providing guests with exceptional service for a dining experience unlike any other.  


Lulu Kitchen is located among the world-class golf courses and abundant natural beauty of Hilton Head Island.  So sit back, relax, and let us treat your tastebuds to something incredibly delicious!

Elegant Cheese Dessert

Chef Scott Hastings

Chef Scott A Hastings started his culinary journey at the age of 12 at the then famed Judges restaurant on the East End of Long Island better known as the Hamptons. He began as a pot washer but from day one he knew the kitchen is not only where he belonged but where he wanted to be.

After six seasons and advancing to line cook, he joined the US Navy. Upon completion of the service he landed a job in New York City, where he earned his three year apprenticeship under Chef Andy Anderson and had worked his way up to Sous Chef. His next stop would be a game changer in the way he would see how food was really to be cooked. It was under French Chef Armand Paquin at the Ramada Plaza in Clarks Summit, PA, where the art of refinement and skillful plating were at the forefront. After two years Chef Scott was put at the helm, where along with the General Manager they did a complete overhaul of the menu and by the time it was done they had won the 1995 Beef Backer Award for menuing and implementation of beef on a menu. 


As Chef Scott grew he knew that there was still much learning ahead and he tried to keep that as priority. The culinary field is continually changing: new ideas, new tools, the way foods have been fused together. But he has learned that no matter how many changes, what is really most important are the fundamentals - the basic techniques and how he applies them to everyday cooking.


"I feel blessed to have Lulu Kitchen, I know it will be successful because the people who are here, my wife Jennifer and all of the family and friends who have and are supporting us through this wonderful journey.... Until we see you again. Stay well and be sure to eat well!!!"     

- Chef Scott A Hastings

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